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Denton County SumDog Champions!

LDISD and Corinth Elementary are proud to announce that Ms. Gallahan’s 4th grade homeroom class won 1st place in the Denton County Sumdog Math Contest, with one student, Cameron Fruendt, placing 5th overall. In this year’s contest, 718 students played, and 37 classes K-12 were entered.

The Sumdog Denton County Mathematics Contest takes place on a mathematics website that enables students to practice their math skills while playing games against their friends, classmates, and even other students from around the world.  The games are math-based and are tailored to each student’s skill level, so they play against opponents who share the same skills.  

To take part in the Denton County Mathematics Contest, students are entered as a whole class and simply play Sumdog’s free math games.  Each student is given 1,000 questions to solve. For each 100 correct answers, they are awarded with an item for their ​Sumdog house. In order to progress, they must answer the math questions correctly.  Each correct answer they gave counted toward their overall individual score and also their average class score.  Students can earn a variety of pets to keep in their house as incentives.  They earn points for correct answers and they can dress their avatar and add items and pets to their house.   ​

 “I am so proud of the students,” Ms. Gallahan said. “My class won a year subscription to Sumdog, as well as certificates of merit for leading students and daily winners.”

SumDog Champs  

1st row: Sterling Redman, Traeh Davis, Christian Colonna, Carlos Larin, Londyn Wakeman

2nd row: Jour'nee Canada, Sierra Villarreal, Zachary Salla, Riley Blodgett, Vince Dimas, Cameron Fruendt, Lawson Nichols, Tara Tucker

3rd row:  Desiree Whitley, Riddell Kuykendall, Diego Garcia, Harrison Ray, Rylee Woodruff, Catherine Fox, Rachel Reagor