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LDISD is now a District of Innovation

DOI Lake Dallas ISD is now officially a designated "district of innovation."

Trustees approved a five-year innovation plan, giving the district greater local control over its operations and improve outcomes for its students and community by taking advantage of various exemptions and flexibilities while still operating within the state's education rules and guidelines.

The Lake Dallas ISD Innovation Committee developed a proposed District of Innovation Plan (Local Innovation Plan). The Lake Dallas ISD District Educational Improvement Committee unanimously approved the proposed District of Innovation Plan on Thursday, January 19.

Districts were allowed to become districts of innovation under House Bill 1842, passed in the 84th Texas Legislative session. Currently, 72 of the state’s 1,247 districts are listed as Districts of Innovation by the Texas Education Agency.

LDISD's innovation plan was made available to the public for 30 days and the district has notified the state of its intentions to adopt the plan. The plan adopted Monday outlined eight specific items the district will make decisions on, giving the district flexibility and local authority. These items range from allowing an earlier school year start date, class sizes in kindergarten through fourth grade, attendance rules, designating teams of campus behavior coordinators, teacher certification requirements, transfer of students and teacher/principal appraisal system.

The plan is in place for five years, unless the board acts to rescind or change it in accordance with state law. Some aspects of the district's innovation plan will require amendments and changes to the district's local policy regulations.

See the District of Innovation Website for complete information, plan, FAQ and more.