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Holiday Card Winners Announced

Holiday Card


Lake Dallas ISD is proud to announce the winners of the fifth annual district Christmas Card contest. After receiving entries at the campus level, each school submitted their top 5 for the district contest. "We are LD – Better Together" by Madison Helm, sophomore at Lake Dallas High School, was chosen as the 2016 winner. She won an iPad Mini, and her winning entry is the front cover for the district card that is sent to community businesses and government officials.
Finalists with artwork placing 2nd-5th won wireless headphones, and their artwork is printed on the back of the card. The students who created those are Ricky Bishop, 7th grade LDMS; Delaney Cox, 11th grade LDHS; Gigi Spiesky, 5th grade CE; and Javier Balderas, 11th grade LDHS.


Campus winners are John Im, 3rd grader at LDE; Olivia Schreck, 2nd grader at SSE; Gigi Spiesky, 5th grader at CE; Ricky Bishop, 7th grader at LDMS; and Deshone Davis, Jr., 10th grader at LDHS.  


Thank you to all the students who participated in the contest. Winning artwork will be posted on the district and campus webpages through the holidays.