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LDHS Holds NHS Induction Ceremony

NHS 2017 Lake Dallas High School
NHS Induction Ceremony
Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The induction of new members into the National Honor Society is one of the most important traditions associated with any NHS chapter and is a significant event for the student and the school.  The ceremony provides an opportunity to recognize the characteristics of a chapter member:  Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service.

Lake Dallas High School is proud to announce the 2017 NHS Inductees:


NHS Inductees Danelle Bennett, Class of 2019
Karsten Bergthold, Class of 2019
Addison Blevins, Class of 2019
Kiona Cole, Class of 2019
Ryan Depperschmidt, Class of 2019
Elise Dickey, Class of 2019
Patrick Durbin, Class of 2019
Livia Dvoracek, Class of 2018
Matthew Elder, Class of 2019
Brandon Evans, Class of 2018
Britney Figart, Class of 2019
Elizabeth Gowans, Class of 2019
Zachary Graham, Class of 2018
Cynthia Harl, Class of 2019
Jerry Ryan Hawley, Class of 2018
Madison Helm, Class of 2019
Shelby Helmlinger, Class of 2019
Julianna Huerta, Class of 2018
Christina King, Class of 2019
Gratzelly Marquez, Class of 2019
Daniela Martinez, Class of 2018
Sanjana Mishra, Class of 2019
Janae O’Connell, Class of 2019
Noah Payne, Class of 2019
Nathan Shepherd, Class of 2018
Kyle York, Class of 2019

In Photo:
Zachary Graham, Cynthia Harl
Karsten Bergthold, Noah Payne
Shelby Helmlinger, Sanjana Mishra, Janae O’Connell, Madison Helm, Daniela Martinez, Elise  Dickey
Danelle Bennett, Gratzelly Marquez, Julianna Huerta, Elizabeth Gowans
Christina King, Addison Blevins, Britney Figart, Patrick Durbin, Matthew Elder

Inducted, but unable to attend:
Brandon Evans, Ryan Depperschmidt, Kyle York, Ryan Hawley, Nathan Shepherd, and Kiona Cole