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LDMS StuCo Leaders Present at TASSP

StuCo The recent accolades of the Lake Dallas Middle School student council (LDMS StuCo) led to an invitation to present to Region 10 Texas Association of Secondary Principals (TASSP) members in Richardson.  LDMS leaders Britton MacDougall and Grace Murray and sponsors Mr.  John Fabro and Ms. Theresa Pierce, spoke to over 30 principals from Region 10, promoting Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) and its role on campuses.

The students wrote their own speeches detailing how LDMS StuCo has helped them to be become better leaders.  Britton spoke of his role as Vice President of the Student Council and how it had taught him to be a better leader, public speaker and listener.

“I believe that listening is the most important attribute of a leader,” Britton said. “I think Lake Dallas Middle School’s Student Council is so successful because our leaders are great listeners.  Student Council has molded me to be a better leader in school, in the community and on the football field.”

Grace attributed her leadership development to LDMS StuCo and the 5th grade Leader in Me program that she was in two years ago.

“These organizations have not only made me a better person, but they have taught me valuable people skills, listening skills, and life skills, such as taking responsibility for projects and activities,” Grace said. “I have no doubt that both Student Council and Leader in Me will continue to create amazing young leaders, and I am very excited to see what the coming years will bring.”

The LDMS StuCo has grown over 80% in the last three years. It has not only grown in numbers, but also in activity and state accolades.  The council was named as a Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) Sweepstakes Council last year because of outstanding achievement in leadership, service and activities that improve the school and community.

 “LDMS STUCO has become the thriving heart of student leadership on this campus,” Mr. Jim Parker, LDMS Principal said. “Their accomplishments including State Sweepstakes recognition last year, Buddy Bench project this year as well as being asked to speak to area principals about the importance of having an active body of student leadership on a campus is just the beginning of what this group of fantastic young men and women can and will accomplish!”

 “Theresa and I are so very proud of what our council is doing in the school, community, and state,” Mr. Fabro said. “Lake Dallas is being recognized across the state now because of their efforts.  Doors are being opened for these kiddos that they did not even imagine!

The LDMS StuCo will also be presenting at the district conference, and will be receiving recognition at the State Conference in November.